Tear Mender: The Ping Pong Professional’s Secret Weapon

Thursday, July 23, 2020
Ping Pong Paddle Against Black Background
By Kevin Reilly
If you are serious about your ping pong game, there are reasons abound to replace the rubber on your paddle.  Ping pong rubbers can get damaged and wear-out, the ‘pips’ (the little nubs that constitute the texture on the rubber) can get smashed or fall off completely, you may be looking to try a different type of rubber to see if is a match with your playing style, or you may have noticed your ability to control or spin the ball isn’t the same recently.  For these reasons, it is recommended that how many times you play per week is the amount of times you should change the rubber on your ‘blade’ per year.
There is an endless selection of rubbers you can choose from, where the thickness and density of the foam, the length of the pips, and the thickness and hardness of the rubber are all variables you need to balance with your playing style.  Here is an excellent guide on choosing the right type of rubber for the type of game you play.

As you may know, good ping pong paddles and rubbers are not cheap—so why not save money where you can without sacrificing performance?  This is where Tear Mender comes in to play (pun intended).  This review compares Tear Mender to a glue that is marketed as being specifically for ping pong, Butterfly Free Chack.  The result of this comparison?  The author says, “For the price, I have never seen a better table tennis glue.”  Tear Mender (at only 28% of the cost), received:

“Eighteen thumbs up. The bond is just as good, if not better than Free Chack”

The other great thing about Tear Mender is that it is “VOC Free,” which means it is non-toxic, and it doesn’t contain Volatile Organic Compounds that could cause adverse health effects.  So, if you are a tournament-level player who replaces their rubber before every match, fear not—Tear Mender is completely safe (and in fact it is recommended) to be applied using your finger!
Here is a video review of the type of bond you will get by using Tear Mender on your ping pong bat, and you’ll also see how you are able to peel off the rubber when it is time to replace it again.  And last, here is a how-to video that shows the step-by-step process of gluing your table tennis racket using Tear Mender.

Are you a tournament-level ping pong player who uses Tear Mender?  We’d love to hear from you!  Email kreilly@lhbindustries.com for a chance to win free product.