Why should you bring Tear Mender on your next vacation?

The 2 oz. Tear Mender Fabric Adhesive is an ideal travel companion and the perfect size to pack in your carry-on.  Tear Mender is TSA approved for airline travel and can prove invaluable while on the move. 

Tear Mender serves as an emergency sewing kit in a bottle.  Use it to make quick repairs on the go including:

Clothing Repairs

  • Repair rips and tears in pants and shirts
  • Secure ripped pants pockets
  • Hem pants
  • Stop hose runs
  • Reinforce loose buttons
  • Secure sweater snags
  • Repair frayed pant cuffs

Luggage and Accessory Repairs

  • Rebound purse or backpack straps
  • Repair rips in leather footwear
  • Re-set zippers
  • Repair rips and holes in suitcases & travel bags

And for our More Adventurous Travelers:

  • Patch rips and tears in boat covers and marine upholstery
  • Repair ripped upholstery in RVs  
  • Reinforce holes in tents
  • Secure broken straps on backpacks
  • Repair ripped sleeping bags
  • Reinforce frayed shoe laces