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Val Cismoski, the Original Creator of Tear Mender "Trust the Bish"
Trust "The Bish"

Val “The Bish” Cismoski originally formulated Tear Mender, originally known as Tehr Greeze, in 1932. His nickname "The Bish" was a result of his imposing physical presence and his knack for having an answer to any and all questions which family members said reminded them of a Bishop. Tear Mender's impenetrable bond quickly made it a staple in the farm industry and was used to repair canvas drive belts for farm machinery. Today, Tear Mender continues to provide the same flexible, permanent bond and is widely used for a multitude of tasks from garment care to crafts. In 2015, Lighthouse for the Blind, a 501(c)3 non-profit, acquired the assets of Tear Mender to further grow their mission of providing employment for individuals who are blind. The Tear Mender product line is filled, packaged and shipped by employees who are visually impaired. For more information about Lighthouse for the Blind and our brands please visit us at www.lhbindustries.com

Val "The Bish" Cismoski Presenting Tehr-Greeze

The History of Tear Mender

In this short video, we take you back to Tear Mender's humble beginnings and later show you the legally blind workforce that manufactures and packages the product today.