Tear Mender

Forms permanent, waterproof bonds to fabric and leather

Use Tear Mender on any porous material such as fabric and the underside of leather. Tear Mender works great to repair rips, tears and snags on pants, jackets, sweaters, shirts and even shoes. Keep a bottle of Tear Mender handy for emergency repairs on the go or in your craft supplies for appliques and no-sew holiday decorations. Tear Mender is a sewing kit in a bottle and is a practical gift for those who lead busy lives and do not have time to mess with a needle and thread. Reference our 101 Uses Guides for more ideas on how Tear Mender can simplify your life.

Tear Mender Repairing Purse Strap
Tear Mender Repairing Belt Loop
Tear Mender Repairing Pocket
Tear Mender makes a great travel companion!  Click to find out why.

Simple Bond

All-purpose adhesive bonds to porous and non-porous materials

Use Simple Bond on both porous and non-porous materials including wood, metal, tile, brick, ceramic, concrete, foam & fabric. It is truly an all-purpose glue for household repairs, crafting, wood working and other projects. Simple Bond is a great alternative to using a hammer and nails when assembling/fixing furniture, cabinets and drawers. Adhere wall or floor tiles with Simple Bond or throw away your hot glue gun and use Simple Bond for your felt and foam projects. The uses for Simple Bond are endless.

Simple Bond Repairing Broken Pot
Simple Bond Repairing Broken Glasses
Simple Bond Repairing Broken Hook

Vinyl Mender

Clear adhesive patch for durable, long-lasting repairs to rips and tears

Use Vinyl Mender to make functional repairs on vinyl, leather, fiberglass, nylon, acrylic, polypropylenes, polyethylenes & polyurethanes. Vinyl Mender’s bonds are permanent, flexible and waterproof making this an ideal fix for both indoor and outdoor items including boat seats, tents, tarps, awnings, inner tubes, air mattresses, umbrellas and waterproof boots. 

Vinyl Mender Repairing Rubber Boot
Vinyl Mender Repairing Rain Coat
Vinyl Mender Repairing Umbrella