Tear Mender can do so much more than repair clothing!

Upcycled Stitch Fix Shoe Bag
Little Vintage Cottage
Upcycling is a great way to reinvent something destined for the landfills in a cute and creative way. This project turns a basic piece of fabric packaging (that would normally be thrown away) into a vintage-inspired clothespin bag with all sorts of handmade details. It's a cute and fun crafting project you can make without the use of a needle and thread!
Floral Pattern Face Mask 
By this time, we've all seen plenty of DIY masks--but I challenge you to find one that looks this good and was this easy to make! Grab a bottle of Tear Mender and make a great, good-looking facemask the easy way.
Repairing A Plastic Greenhouse
Check out how to repair a plastic greenhouse that isn't quite airtight. If you have a seam slipping off of anything like a backpack or piece of luggage, or if you need an airtight fix, this is a great tutorial and review of Tear Mender, with insightful commentary on sustainability.
Knit "Brain Hat" 
Made for a Science March, this is a Knit "Brain Hat." It has 26 feet of squiggly "icord" on top of a handmade knit beanie. Even to someone with amazing sewing and knitting skills, Tear Mender still comes in handy. Make sure to check out all 6 pictures to see the hat come together! (The yarn was provided by @anzulaluxuryfibers).
Repairing A Designer Blouse 
Thrifters are a super knowledgable bunch, and they have magical powers of turning trash-to-treasure. @whatmeganlikes seems to know a few more tricks than the other thrifters that passed on this Burberry Top with a large tear in the front. Her secret weapon for rescuing this piece? You guessed it…
How to Easily Save and Recycle Old Kids Clothes 
Crafting Kind Kids
Do you have little ones wearing the knees out of their pants during every school recess? How about ripping their pants tumbling off the couch or doing baseball slides down the hallway? This article will teach you what to do with damaged kids' clothes.
Foam Flower 3D Art 
3D art is great for kicking kids' creativity up a notch. Next time you're searching for project ideas, consider grabbing some Cosplay Foam and turning your 2D idea into something that stands out! (Pun intended).
Patching Work Pants 
JVSBuilds is an expert in more areas than just DIY and construction. He is an authority on maintaining work pants despite the inevitability of busting through the knees. Here are his 20-year-old insulated work pants, that he's kept patched with Tear Mender. You can see more of his repaired work clothes at the link. Who wants to spend money on work clothes, anyway? Make do and mend!
Fly Tying 
We are proud to be a trick of the trade for a lot of different types of creators--but not many produce aesthetics on the level of @streamersbygertsch. These are handmade "High Carb Minnows" designed to catch Trout in Austrian rivers. As an expert in fly tying, he says Tear Mender is good for "fast, easy, but good looking flies!"
Rainbow Trout Art Piece 
This piece was created and auctioned-off for charity by Mr. Kyle Chanitz along with a retired marine Gunny Sgt. Named Mike D., who happens to be an avid (blind) fly fisherman. If you didn't know already, sales from Tear Mender support people who are visually impaired. The piece is a Rainbow Trout made out of over 100 flies called "Estaz Woollybuggers."
Barbie Doll Couch Tutorial 
Instead of lying on the couch, get up and make something! Tear Mender is a great way to let your kids design props for their toys and clothes for dolls--no sewing required! For more ideas, check out @mtoyprojectson Instagram, it is an absolute treasure trove of DIY toy creations.
Alice Cooper Frankenstein Boots 
How cool is it that Tear Mender was used in creating a pair of custom boots for Alice Cooper? These are Fluevog Swordfish ankle boots attached to the calf section from another pair of old boots from Mexico. We think they are the perfect amount of ghoulish for the Godfather of Shock Rock.
William Wallace Costume 
Follow the link to see how this William Wallace (from the movie Braveheart) costume came together. The details are incredible, and @vinnlander wore it well. It turned out, after testing Barge and Shoe Goo, nontoxic Tear Mender won the day as the best option for gluing suede to suede finish.
Patched Welding Pants
Tear Mender is an inside secret for a lot of welders, ironworkers, fabricators, etc. as a way to keep their Carhartt work pants going strong. Who wants to replace them when each patch you add is a badge of honor? They remind us of the stickers on college football helmets--the more you have of them, the more proof of your hard work!
Repairing 6 Pairs of Kids' School Pants 
There are environmental and financial reasons galore to keep your kids' school pants intact as long as possible, and those are constantly at battle with the forces of entropy. Tip the scale back in your favor and survive the school year with a little help from Tear Mender!
Black and White Illustration 
The process of a great artist is something to marvel at. Check out how to use Tear Mender as a "liquid frisket." Basically, you can apply it to your substrate (surface) to block-off or mask an area that you don't want to paint. Then, when the paint dries, you can peel off the mask, and. . . Voilà!
Gluing Ping Pong Rubber 
Jay Turberville
Avid ping pong players change the rubber on their racket (or "bat") several times a year, and Tear Mender is the best glue for the job. Our adhesive is VOC free (which means it does not have volatile organic compounds that are harmful to the environment or humans), making it the best option to create a strong bond on a table tennis blade that can later be peeled off without leaving residue. We heard Forrest Gump used it, too. Just sayin'.