TEAR MENDER Instant Adhesive

HOW FAST IS IT?   TEAR MENDER dries fast. Two pieces of fabric bonded in an over-lay manner cannot be pulled apart after 3 minutes. In 15 minutes that same bond is permanent and will not wash out.

WILL IT DRY CLEAR?  TEAR MENDER dries to a translucent “tea” color but does not dry clear. In most applications, the bonding action occurs between the under-side of the garment and the patch where it is not visible. We recommend spot testing on sheer or light colored fabrics.

CAN IT SEEP THROUGH FABRIC?  If an excessive amount is applied, it can seep through fabric. You only need a thin coat of TEAR MENDER on the patch and on the item being repaired to yield super-strong bonds. Thin coatings usually do not seep through the fabric. NOTE: On hem repairs we recommend a thin coat on the hem or turned-up side only.

IS SPECIAL GARMENT CARE REQUIRED?   No. Garment care stays the same after a TEAR MENDER repair. After 15 minutes, the garment may be washed, tumble dried, ironed or even dry cleaned.

IS IT A THIN FLUID?   Yes, it is thinner than most other adhesives. TEAR MENDER is a water based formula that has a cream-like consistency. This allows for a thin coating to get into the fiber of the fabric or back-side of leather and vinyl for a permanent bond that will stay soft and flexible when fully dried. In the bottle, over time, it may thicken slightly but still will deliver strong, permanent and washable bonds.

WHAT IS THE USEABLE LIFE?   TEAR MENDER works best if used within one year of purchase.

IS IT ECO-FRIENDLY AND NON-TOXIC?   Yes! TEAR MENDER has no harmful chemicals. It is a water based formula derived from natural latex and other natural raw materials. Invented in 1932 it has been eco-friendly for 77 years.

WHAT ARE SOME OF ITS BEST USES?   TEAR MENDER works on a wide range of fabric and leather items. Our customers continually are amazed at how well it repairs blue jeans, work wear, acrylic fiber canvas and upholstery made of leather or fabric. At the same time it is ideally suited for hem repairs in both fabric and leather garments.

WILL IT WORK ON VINYL AND LEATHER?   Yes! TEAR MENDER will bond to the under-side of leather (open fiber side) and vinyl (open fabric backing). For rips and tears a patch is applied to the under-side and when dry will be strong, durable and permanent. On the smooth top side of leather and vinyl TEAR MENDER can be rubbed off without damage and no sticky residue.


HOW FAST IS IT?  VINYL MENDER is fast. Use Alcohol Swab to clean the area around the damaged area removing grease and grime. Then peel off backing from the VINYL MENDER Patch and apply to the damaged area. It is set instantly. For full bond strength let dry for six hours.

WILL IT DRY CLEAR?  Yes. The VINYL MENDER Patches dry clear and remain clear even after long indoor or outdoor use.

WHAT IS THE USABLE LIFE?  VINYL MENDER remains usable for years and years provided it has been stored at room temperatures.

WHAT ARE SOME OF ITS BEST USES?   VINYL MENDER delivers strong and durable bonds. Repairs Tears and Holes In:  vehicle and boat seating, tarps, inflatables, air mattresses, snow mobile seats, paddle boards EPS foam, fishing waders, rubber boots, and rain gear.            

Forms High-Strength Bond On:  Fiberglass, vinyl surfaces, nylon, neoprene, acrylics fabric, leather, metal, polypropylenes, polyethylenes, polyturethanes, plastic surfaces, finished wood surfaces, fabrics – both synthetic and natural.

WILL IT FREEZE?   No. VINYL MENDER should be warmed to room temperature and applied at room temperature for best results.

  • Will not allow moisture to seep under the patch
  • Will not break down from UV sunlight exposure
  • Will not dry out or crack – stays pliable


HOW FAST IS IT?  SIMPLE BOND works best when it is applied to both surfaces – let stand for TWO minutes and then Press Together holding in place for two minutes. Let stand for 1 Hour at which time bond is set. The bond will continue to strengthen over the next 48 hours.

WILL IT DRY CLEAR?  SIMPLE BOND does dry clear. It is white when applied but turns clear when fully cured.

IS IT A THIN FLUID?  No. SIMPLE BOND is a Thick Flowable Fluid that can be easily dispensed from our applicator bottles. Keep in mind that SIMPLE BOND is a powerful adhesive and a little goes a long way.

SIMPLE BOND works best if used within one year of purchase. It is usable for at least two years or more.

IS IT ECO-FRIENDLY AND NON-TOXIC?   Yes. SIMPLE BOND is a water-based formula that is Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly and contains no VOCs. SIMPLE BOND conforms to ASTM D4236.

WHAT ARE SOME OF ITS BEST USES?   SIMPLE BOND delivers strong and durable bond Between solid items such as Wood, Furniture, Metal and Ceramic Tile. SIMPLE BONDF is also well suited for use in Hobbies, Crafts and Foam Projects. It can bond wood to metal to glass to ceramic tile to brick to concrete and more.

WILL IT FREEZE?   Yes. SIMPLE BOND is water-based and thus must be protected from freezing. POROUS VS NON-POUROUS? SIMPLE BOND was designed to deliver strong bonds on Non-Porous surfaces but has many uses on Porous surfaces (materials that will allow a gas or fluid to pass through).

  • Will Not Foam or Expand
  • Will Not become brittle with age
  • Will Not Stain
  • Will Not harm hard surfaces
REMOVING SIMPLE BOND:   When spill or stain is Fresh, SIMPLE BOND is a water-based glue that can be removed by washing with Cold Water and Soap. When SIMPLE BOND is very difficult to remove once dry but can be dissolved with continual applications of Acetone.

CRAFTER & HOBBY USES:  SIMPLE BOND will bond Foam to Foam and has an added feature that allows it to be shaded or tinted using paint, acrylic paint and other tinting methods. Crafters should test their project on a small piece before moving forward on the entire project.