Bill - LaGrange, OH
I love Bish Tear Mender.  Fixes so many things –
  1. Frayed edges on the bottom of my pant legs – trimmed off the loose threads and worked a little Bish into the edges pinching them together.  Works great on jeans – can’t even notice the repair!
  2. Fixed broken leather laces on my moccasins!  Cannon see the repair.
  3. Fixed insulated vinyl cooler (zipper pulled away at the seam). Now it’s stronger than new. Cannot see the repair.
  4. Fixed Mother-in-law’s leather strap on her purse (brownie points!). Cannot see the repair.
Outliers Studio Arts & Hobby Shop - Limerick, PA
So your product is U.S. made of course and employs workers with disabilities?? All while helping to extend the life of clothes and lowers the negative effects on our environment!! We love tear mender that much more!! We have a small following in the shop that we got hooked on Tear Mender FYI!!

Sleepy Ken Plants & Sustainable Goods
Upcycling and mending are major parts of limiting textile waste and fast fashion, but what do you do if you can’t sew? . . . So why did I choose this fabric glue to support? I found Tear Mender exciting because of its ethics. Tear Mender is filled, packed, and shipped by visually impaired employees. Lighthouse for the Blind is a non-profit that acquired Tear Mender and supports individuals who are blind by providing them with jobs. This glue is acid-free and made with natural latex, so it sports a natural, non-toxic, and acid-free formula. I’ve been overall very impressed. I’m excited to try it on a wider range of materials (I’m most excited to fix some old shoes as it claims to bond to leather as well)! This 2oz bottle can support 50 clothing repairs, so it’ll last me a while and then I’ll clean out and reuse the bottle for something else! 
Sleepy Ken Plants Uses Tear Mender Adhesive To Create Face Masks
Wendy - "Saved For More" DIY Home Decor
Your product is amazing! I can’t even believe this product! You guys really nailed it with this one!! [My husband] has been using it for years and swears by it and has made me a believer!

JVS Builds Custom Carpentry
My going on 20-year-old insulated pants. I’ve been using [Tear Mender] for almost as long. Love your product. And I recommend it to everybody who asks about patching their work clothes. Regular pants I patch from the inside and you can hardly tell, and no stitches.  One of the best things about Tear Mender is that if you need a quick fix, [you are] ready to go in about 15 minutes. You make a great product which makes me more than happy to share.
JVS Builds Maintains Work Pants Using Tear Mender Fabric Adhesive
Kyle Chanitz - Professional Fly Fisherman and Fly Tyer
I use a few bottles a year! Your product has saved many eyes from falling off flies! And has helped me design some pretty awesome style of flies! . . . As a disabled veteran that makes me want to support you guys even more!!
Kyle Chanitz Fly Fishing Wall Art Using Tear Mender
Wench 2.0 - Cosplayer/Builder
Thanks for making such a dependable, useful and versatile product!
And [about our mission] - what a wonderful way to help those who are differently-abled find a meaningful job.
William Wallace Cosplay Costume Created By Wench 2.0 Using Tear Mender