Mending Last Year's Halloween Costume

Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Repairing A Used Costume With Tear Mender

With Halloween right around the corner, oftentimes last-minute costume planning can leave you with a costume that is not quite trick-or-treating ready. Perhaps that costume you pulled out from storage had a hole in the arm or you want to add an embellishment. Instead of throwing out that old costume, save yourself a trip to the costume store with Tear Mender. This blog post will show you how we saved an old princess costume from ending up in a dumpster. Make do and mend it!

What You’ll Need
  • Scissors
  • Costume
  • Tear Mender
  • Your finger


  1. Trim any loose threads.

  2. Use your index finger to apply a thin layer of Tear Mender to the strap and fabric where the original stitching was.

  3. Press and hold the strap in place firmly, allowing it to dry for 3 minutes
Torn Strap on Halloween Costume

Use Index Finger To Apply Thin Layer of Tear Mender to Fabric

Press Down Firmly to Bond the Tear Mender to Fabric

Repaired Halloween Costume Accessorie
Repaired Halloween Costume Accessorie


  1. Turn the sleeve inside out.

  2. Use your finger to apply a thin layer of Tear Mender to the felt.How To Attach Lace Edging To A Costume SleeveUsing Your Finger, Apply A Thin Layer of Tear Mender to the Fabric

  3. Press and hold the lace to the felt, aligning it as evenly as possible. The glue will bleed through the lace a little. This is ok as the felt will cover the glue when turned right-side out. Press and Hold Lace to Felt To Help the Tear Mender Bond
  4. Allow 3 minutes to dry, then turn sleeve back right-side out.Repaired Costume with Lace Sleeves

Tear Mender will form a permanent bond within 3 minutes, and it will be machine-washable within 15 minutes!  And no need to worry—Tear Mender is a natural, non-toxic adhesive that will peel right off your table when you are finished applying it.  It only adheres to porous materials like cloth.

Pro Tip: When repairing a bigger hole, you can always add a patch of scrap fabric to the inside to help reinforce the bond. 

Happy Hauntings!