Quick Fixes For Your Summer Party

Thursday, July 6, 2023

Summer is here and you know what that means—backyard barbecues, pool parties, and impromptu get-togethers with friends. As much as you try to plan for a seamless summer soiree, there are always little mishaps that seem to pop up. There's a hole in the patio umbrella, the inflatable pool toys spring a leak, or the vinyl cushions on the outdoor furniture get a tear. Don’t panic and call off the festivities just yet. You have a secret weapon—Tear Mender. Our little bottle of instant fabric adhesive and Vinyl Mender are your summer party lifesavers. Keep them on hand for quick repairs in the home and on the go. Whether it’s patching pinholes in pool floats, sealing up holes in patio umbrellas, or mending tears in cushions and awnings, Tear Mender can save the day. Summer is too short, so don’t let little accidents ruin your good times. With Tear Mender, you’ve got repairs covered and can keep the summer fun going.

Repair Tears and Holes in Floaties and Pool Toys

Summer parties are all fun and games until something tears or pops—then the panic sets in. But not anymore! With Tear Mender Vinyl Repair Patch on hand, you’ll be the hero of the party.

Have a floatie or pool toy leaking air? No problem, just clean and dry the area, cut a patch to size, peel off the backing and stick it on. Press firmly so it adheres well and you’re done. Your floatie will be as good as new in seconds. Kids can get back to splashing right away. 

With Tear Mender, holes, tears, and rips don’t have to ruin the fun. This miracle patch seals on contact to instantly repair damage and prevent further tearing. It bonds strongly to vinyl, plastic and fabrics to provide a durable solution.

So when life’s little accidents happen at your summer soiree, don’t fret - just stick on a patch! Your party guests will never know the difference. Tear Mender lets you resolve repairs rapidly and discreetly without a lot of fuss. Keep a stash of patches on hand for your own peace of mind and to share with friends. 

Patch Up Rips in Patio Umbrellas and Cushions

Keep a pack of Vinyl Mender in your party prep kit and you'll be ready to make quick fixes on the fly. Did the patio umbrella suddenly develop a tear in the fabric? No problem, just clean and rough up the area around the rip, apply a patch and your umbrella is as good as new.

  • Did the patio umbrella suddenly rip? Quickly fix the tear with Vinyl Mender to keep your guests in the shade.

  • Cushions torn or ripped? Patch them up fast so everyone has a comfy seat.

  • Patch rips, holes or tears in patio cushions, lawn chairs, and more. The durable, waterproof bond will have everything sealed up and ready for more fun in the sun.

  • Stop runs in seams or small punctures in awnings, tents, tarps or other outdoor gear before they get bigger. The flexible Vinyl Mender can conform to any shape and hold up through wind, weather and wear.

Fix Tears and Holes in Awnings

Your outdoor awnings and canopies provide shade on those hot summer days, but over time tears, rips and holes can appear, letting in sun and rain. Keep a bottle of Tear Mender on hand for quick repairs to awnings, patio umbrellas and outdoor cushions.

For small holes or tears in canvas, vinyl or mesh awnings, cut a patch of Vinyl Mender to size. Apply the patch over the hole and smooth firmly in place. The adhesive will bond strongly to most awning materials.

For larger rips or holes, you may need to apply a patch on both sides of the awning for the most durable repair. Bond will be flexible and water resistant. For best results do not apply Tear Mender directly to your fabric. Instead pour out a small portion onto any hard surface. Using your finger tip, dip it into the glue and carefully spread on a thin coat, press and let dry. You may also use an applicator– such as a toothpick, Popsicle stick or makeup brush. Tear Mender contains natural latex and may cause an allergic reaction. NOTE: when mending fine fabrics, sheer fabrics and black fabrics, always do a test to check for discoloration. Tear Mender dries to a beige color so be sure to apply with care.

When mending a hole a patch will work well. Cut a piece of fabric larger than the hole, lay it on the underside or inside of your item and trace around the outer edge. Apply Tear Mender to the inside of that area as well as the back of the patch. Place the patch over the hole and press firmly, let dry. (Tear Mender is made from all natural materials, will not stick to any hard surface, to remove simply rub with your finger until glue balls updo not wipe up with a cloth as Tear Mender will permanently stick to fabric) .

You've planned the perfect summer party and want everything to go off without a hitch. Keep some Tear Mender on hand for any little emergencies that pop up. When a beach ball gets a hole or a pool toy springs a leak, just whip out the Tear Mender and patch it up in seconds. Your guests will never even know there was an issue. With Tear Mender, you've got repairs covered for cushions, umbrellas, floats, and more. Focus on enjoying the sun and your friends rather than worrying about any little tears or holes ruining your fun. With a product this useful and convenient, you'll wonder how you ever hosted an outdoor event without it!

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