Ten Mind-blowing Reasons to ‘Make do and Mend’

Thursday, June 25, 2020
Are Textiles Killing Our Planet?
By Kevin Reilly
It is well documented why we should be concerned about climate change--and you probably agree we have a responsibility to future generations to limit our impact on the planet.  But have you ever considered the effect our clothing waste has on the environment?  If you are caught in the cycle of 'fast fashion,' and frequently peruse the Internet for new clothes, this may be doing far more harm than to that of your pocketbook. Perhaps we should be paying as much attention to our old jeans and shoelaces as we now do to plastic straws!  Don't believe us?   Consider these facts:Would you like to make a difference?  We all can begin to improve these numbers by simply repairing one piece of clothing instead of replacing it.  One 2 oz. bottle of Tear Mender can repair 50 cotton shirts, for example--which, if you were to replace those shirts, would consume 35,000 gallons of water!  The mends made by that same bottle also limit carbon emissions and could be used to save shoes from the landfill, etc.  Even further, Tear Mender is non-toxic and eco-friendly, as it is made from all-natural ingredients.  Thus, mending our clothes is a great place to start--and c'mon, aren't we all better than throwing away a pair of shoes because a lace is missing?